Company Privacy Policy

Call Girl in Gurgaon is the one site that you can be deemed to be the safest website to protect your details completely. Only important information about you is noted that is necessary for the conduct of the business along with establishing communication between the two. Our site confers accessibility to third-party details and services through Take a look at the privacy policy of our website to know about the guards on the site protecting your private details utterly private.

End-to-end dwindling data

Call Girl in Gurgaon emphasizes the privacy of the client most and is equipped with numerous protections on the sites for its browsers.

  • The call girl service sustains the highest standard of security for the privacy of browsers of our site or those contacting us through updated techniques.
  • Information is limited to contact number, name, and location only as it is needed for communication before the scheduled meetings.
  • Notifications may be blocked by clients with due respect to their privacy.
  • We extend highly satisfactory privacy standards while engaging third-party websites to provide services.
  • The records would be disclosed only when allowed legally.

Data collected by us

  • General information - We may collect information like your name, age, origin, device information, location, etc. Our website is not meant for clients below 18 years of age and to keep a check on adherence to our law, we keep a record of the age of people contacting us.
  • Website browsing data - IP address and other data get stored whenever people visit our site. This is important to evaluate the efficiency of our website and the growth of our business.
  • Information on the server - Your details are shared on a security server with limited access. It aids in keeping your information safe.
  • Cookies - Cookies and pop-up messages are used by us to augment the browsing experience for clients. Cookies sent to your system lead to the storage of a few pieces of information about you on RAM.

Gurgaon call girl service holds the power to reserve the right to amend or alter to user agreement at any point in time. We also deny using your information without agreement with you in the case of the revised privacy policy.

Our Intellectual properties

Content, photos, technology, Emblem, copyright, titles, trademarks are our intellectual property and their use by others is an offense.

  • We restrict the alternation, copying, or editing of content on our website.
  • Photos or pictures on the site are our intellectual property and shall not be used on other websites without our consent.
  • Content on our website is owned by a third party and its illegal usage may result in legal actions from the end of the third party.